An Injured Pit Bull Drags Her Human To Safety From A Moving Train

This story is so incredible, it can’t be missed! Lily, a beautiful Pit Bull rescued by a police officer and then given to his mother, is the epitome of loyalty and bravery. Her human, while battling alcoholism for many years and doing quite well, received devastating news. She relapsed and then passed out right on the train tracks. Knowing how dangerous this was, precious Lily began to drag her human off the tracks. The oncoming train did stop but not completely in time, and Lily suffered severe injuries (taking the brunt of the impact). Her leg had to be amputated but thanks to all the love and support, and great medical attention she received, Lily is doing great.

It’s stories like this one that proves not all Pit Bulls are a problem. This goes to show it is all about the environment and upbringing, and NOT the dog.

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