Bulldog Puppy Covered In Scabs Found Wandering The Streets

Once stricken with mange and abandoned on the streets of southern California, Lilou now lives the life all dogs dream of.

Lilou’s life started out rough. At 7 months old, she was alone on the streets with an advanced case of mange.

The mange caused her to lose most of her fur, irritated her skin, and covered her body in scabs. But her life was about to improve when she was rescued by Love Leo Rescue.

Lilou Feature

Upon examination, they found Lilou had a respiratory infection, and the road to recovery was going to be long and hard. Love Leo Rescue found a kind foster to take Lilou home and help rehabilitate her. After a few weeks, the shelter sought help from Northwest Dog Project in Eugene Oregon, a rescue that helps high-risk dogs find forever homes.

Photo: Instagram/lilouthebulldog
Photo: Instagram/lilouthebulldog

Lilou’s body was still covered in scabs. She received medicated baths with coconut oil to help soothe and heal her skin. She was not a fan of the baths. Persistence paid off, because, after a few weeks of those baths, her skin was starting to heal.

Photo: Instagram/lilouthebulldog
Photo: Instagram/lilouthebulldog

She lost all her hair and was an adorable pink and brown speckled dog. Slowly her fur started to grow back, and she was ready to find her forever home.

Photo: Instagram/lilouthebulldog
Photo: Instagram/lilouthebulldog

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Cora Frazer had been following Lilou’s story and jumped at the chance to adopt her. She made the short drive down to see her and fell in love. Lilou is now the leader of her “pack.” She loves to hike and cuddle with her family.

Photo: Instagram/lilouthebulldog
Photo: Instagram/lilouthebulldog

Frazer tells Dodo, “We feel so lucky — and are so thankful for her. She is really special.”

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