Cat Rescued And Raised By Huskies Thinks He’s A Big Dog

Rosie the cat was raised by huskies and now thinks she’s just one of the big dogs.

Rosie was extremely sick when she was rescued and her owners didn’t think she would survive the night. Thankfully, Lilo the huskie took care of Rosie as if she was one of her own puppies and helped the cat recover.

Check out the pictures below and make sure to head over to their Instagram page to see more.

“Mom, are you gonna take the photo?”

Rosie stands so tall acting like she is just as big as her furry friends.

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Rosie went hiking with her entire pack.

When something goes bump in the night, the huskies always have her back.

Their mom graduated from college, so of course, they had to show her support!

Rosie can now help other cats just like her after mom opened a rescue center.

Time for some food to celebrate!

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