Woman Finds Terrified, Starving Dog In Middle Of Road With A Heartbreaking Note On Her Tag

On a freezing January night two years ago, a woman named Payden Trujillo was driving on a highway in Utah when something ran out in front of her car. She slammed on her breaks and immediately got out of her car to see what she almost hit.

The dark figure turned out to be a young pup who was malnourished, freezing and afraid. She coaxed the dog into her car with some food and immediately brought her to her dad’s house to get her out of the cold while she figured out what to do and tried to find her owners.

Mercedes Trujillo
Mercedes Trujillo

That’s when she looked at the dog’s tags on her collar. Her heart dropped into her stomach. “My name is Lilly, if you found me please keep me. My family can’t and I need love,” the tags read. This poor dog was just abandoned outside to fend for herself instead of taken to a shelter where she could’ve been taken care of.

Mercedes Trujillo
Mercedes Trujillo

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