Cat, Saved From Flash Flood, Gets A Miracle Rescue And A Cozy Little Sweater!

Torrential rains and flash flooding struck Sydney, Australia, earlier this week. While good samaritans Mat Dundson and his partner, Kylie Row, were driving through it with their 9-year-old child, they noticed a cat on the side of the road stuck on a large drain. She was drenched and freezing! And couldn’t move!

Dundson immediately stopped the car and made his way over to the soaking wet kitty. The powerful drain had zapped her of her energy. She was drenched and exhausted. Dundson picked her up and brought her over to his dry vehicle. It seemed her paws, that clung to the grate, had saved her life.

They brought her directly to the vet where they learned she had held onto the grate so tightly that she tore off several of her claws. Poor baby!


The vet’s main concern was hypothermia. Her body temperature was five degrees below normal. They had to warm her slowly, so they put warming blankets on her. As she began to warm up, and no longer needed the blankets, the staff dressed her in the cutest little sweater!


The miracle cat had no microchip so they plastered photos of her all over social media. Thankfully, her humans found her and came to get her straight away… The miracle cat’s name is Lilly!


While it’s a big relief that social media worked this time, it’s a reminder to all to please have all your pets microchipped!

Lilly is now home with her family and WON’T be going out anytime soon! Everyone is so grateful for the family that found her and didn’t hesitate to bring her in from the cold rain.


Source: The Dodo, Photos: Kylie Row

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