It’s A Dog’s Life – And That’s A Good Thing!

LifesABark_LarryKay_460x525Your dog makes you smile.  Have you ever wondered why?  Have you ever stopped to imagine what it’s like to be your dog?

It turns out that we can learn a lot from a dog’s simple take on life.  They find joy in each moment – when the food hits the plate, when the stick flies across the lawn, when life gives you an unexpected tummy rub.  They forgive us for the mistakes we make, and love us all the same.  And they live in the moment; when the window opens, they notice the breeze, the scents it carries, and the opportunity to check out something new.

With all the modern influences, responsibilities, stresses, and expectations in our lives, sometimes the daily affirmations we do hear feel tired and cliché.  But Life’s A Bark by Larry Kay is a fast, fun read that suggests a little canine perspective can create wonderful changes in your outlook on life. Better still, it’s something you can come back to every day in between the busy times; a refreshing 30-second opportunity to take a just one page out of your dog’s book and regain a little sanity.

So take naps.  Do crazy things sometimes.  And enjoy the people (furry and otherwise) around you.   It’s a dog’s life… and maybe that’s a good thing.

To learn more about Life’s A Bark: What Dogs Teach Us About Life And Love, take a look at Positively Woof’s website.

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