Lifeguards Save Dog Who Swam into the Ocean in Fear

Who wouldn’t get alarmed when you see a dog swimming alone into the ocean to escape from its would-be rescuers?

Could it be heading to a part of the Pacific Ocean where it lost its human?

Photo: Facebook/Long Beach Fire Department

It was around 6 pm when the Long Beach Lifeguards were alerted by a call from a private citizen. The caller saw a dog running without a leash in the Junipero Beach parking Lot.

Lifeguard units were immediately dispatched, but when they attempted to corner the dog, it headed straight into the ocean and swam into the waters.

This raised the lifeguards’ concern, and one of them quickly donned his wetsuit, took his rescue board and a buoy, and went after the dog. He was able to reach the small animal and pulled it to the safety of his board with the help of a rescue boat. Then he swam back to the shore, hoping to find its owner so they could get reunited.

After seeking assistance from the Animal Care Services, the Long Beach Fire Department learned that the dog’s name is Tofu. But rescuers still had no idea about the dog’s owner. Did his human get lost in the sea?

Fortunately, Tofu’s owners showed up after a couple of days. They were very grateful to be with their pet again. Lifeguard 7 who had saved Tofu and other members of the fire department were more than happy to find out that Tofu was going back home.

According to Home Again, these are the following ways you can prevent your dog from getting lost:

  • Don’t leave your dog without anyone in supervision.
  • Get your dog microchipped.
  • Place a phone tag on your pet.
  • Neuter or spay your dog.
  • Train your pet.
  • Obtain a license from authorities.
  • Keep photo evidence and vital statistics of your pet.
  • Have a DNA snapshot, especially for pure-bred dogs.
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