Life Through A Dog’s Eyes

Life, and the world around us, is certainly different when viewed from a dog’s perspective. This short film is STUNNING! And gives us a look at what a dog might see in his world (or what his human believes he sees in his world).

Could life through a dog’s eyes be happier? More simple? Could his world just consist of basic things, like food, nap time and play? Does he look at other dogs the way we look at other people?

As a dog lover, I have a feeling that their world is much more simple and pure hearted. I believe they see everything as an opportunity to thrive. They see strangers as potential friends. They see food, that is out of reach, as a potential meal. And they see us as they would a soulmate. Maybe if we were more like our dogs, we would be happier and more fulfilled. What do you think?

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