Because Life Is So Much Better With A Dog!

This video is a reminder that your best friend is most likely beside you right now. And if she isn’t, then she is at home, eagerly waiting for your return. Life is just better with a dog. There is no arguing this simple fact.

Going for a run is better with a dog. Taking a nap is better with a dog. Seeing the world is better with a dog. Doing ANYTHING is just better with a dog.

Your dog isn’t just a dog. She’s your soulmate. She always gets you, even when you don’t get you! She will be there even when you don’t ask her to be. And even at times you don’t want her to be.

That’s why dogs are exceptional. They ask for so little and give SO MUCH! And if you expand your life with a spouse or with children, your dog will accept those people too, with open, loving paws. There is no arguing this. LIFE IS BETTER WITH A DOG!

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