This Sick Puppy Didn’t Have A Fighting Chance Until Rescuers Took On That Fight With Him!

Warning: Viewers may find the following story about Libre, and his condition, a bit distressing due to severe neglect. Viewer discretion advised.

This story, of a true underdog, is one that will stay with me forever! Meet Libre, a pup with the strength of 10 dogs! He was found, near death, unable to hold his head up, let alone sit up! Many would have given up, thrown in the towel. But no, not these rescuers! And not this pup!

Libre took slow, puppy steps toward recovery. How can anyone let a dog suffer like this? This type of animal cruelty is beyond anything ANY dog or animal (or human!) should ever have to endure but let Libre’s lesson be one for all of us: Many breeders are monsters. They do it solely for profit and not for the love of the breed or the animal. This is why we need to actively shut these people out! Adopting is the first step. If there is no profit to be made, then there will be no need for breeders and they will go away for good!

Share Libre’s story so more people learn this valuable lesson! If you love animals then you will love the movement, #AdoptDontShop

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