Patrick Stewart And His Wife Are Heartbroken After Their Foster Dog Lenny Passes Away

Patrick Stewart is a huge dog lover that opens his home to foster dogs from a local shelter. His wife, Sunny Ozell, adores dogs just as much and they form close connections with the sweet dogs, even though they know that the dogs are only there until a loving family comes along.

Their former foster dogs are now with loving families, so they headed to Wags and Walks in Los Angeles and took in sweet Leonard, which they called “Lenny” for short. He was their first senior foster dog. The 10-year-old pit bull was as sweet as could be. Lenny loved to rest in Patrick’s favorite chair after devouring his nutritious breakfast.

Photo: Instagram/madameozell

Lenny had never known a kind person or soft bed, but he was showered with kisses and soft spots to lay in the Stewart’s home. A few days after he arrived he started to cough, which they thought was just a case of kennel cough, so they brought him to the vet.

“Our sweet senior foster gentleman Leonard is in hospital, getting IV fluids and all the things he needs to support him through his illness…which we haven’t quite figured out yet,” said Sunny.

Photo: Instagram/madameozell

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Their hearts were shattered when they found out that it was not kennel cough but something far more serious – pneumonia. Since the sweet boy was never properly cared for, his organs were not strong enough to fight. They did everything possible medically to save his life.

“His condition worsened, and he was transferred to what is essentially a doggie intensive care unit,” posted Sunny. “There were signs of bowel obstruction, a heart murmur, and his blood pressure was haywire. In short, he was undergoing multi-system failure.”

Photo: Instagram/madameozell

The vet advised the Stewart’s to humanely euthanize him so he would not suffer. “At about 4:30pm yesterday, Lenny’s doctor called me to let me know he believed it was time to let our sweet pup go. Thanks to LA traffic, I arrived at the hospital at about 5:10. I got down on the floor of Lenny’s space, and met his sweet old cataracts gaze. I kissed his big gorgeous mocha noggin, scratched softly behind his ears, and stroked his velvet snoot. I told him over and over how loved he was, and I held his paw,” wrote Sunny.

After spending just five days with the dog, Sunny posted, “It breaks my heart to have to share this news—we eased our sweet boy Lenny over the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. There’s a reason folks use this euphemism… I didn’t ‘put him down’. I lifted him up out of his pain, I let him go, and I’ll hold his sweet spirit in my heart.”

He was rescued from a high-kill shelter and able to spend his last days in a loving home. Rest in peace, Lenny.

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