Blind Rescue Cats Look Exactly Alike

Bryanna Rosario was working at the Coral Springs Animal Hospital in Florida when a good Samaritan brought a little kitten who needed some attention in. The staff dubbed the little guy “Lemon” because there was something not quite right about him. His eyes appeared not to have developed properly and were infected, leaving him blind.

Bryanna immediately fell in love with the little gray cat with the underdeveloped eyes and adopted him. Later, she would find out that Lemon also had several heart issues, including an atrial septal defect, a ventricular septal defect, and a double chamber right ventricle defect. He had a level-five heart murmur and a possible obstruction and was on the verge of going into heart failure.

Photo: Facebook/Bryanna Rosario and Lemon’s Bucket List

“Basically, his heart is like Swiss cheese and isn’t pumping blood where it’s supposed to go,” Bryanna wrote on Facebook. “My time with Lemon is going to be short but the sweetest. When he starts showing signs that he’s not happy or that he’s in pain is when I will say goodbye to the sweet Lemon.”

Lemon’s prognosis was very poor, and Bryanna knew she had a very limited time with her fluffy little boy. So she created a bucket list for him and made sure he had the best possible life in the short time he spent on this planet. The bucket list included things like eating catnip, going to the park, going to the beach, and climbing a tree. He was even elected the first feline president of the Coral Springs Animal Hospital.

Shortly after his first birthday, Lemon crossed over the rainbow bridge. Bryanna was heartbroken as she shared the news, but she also knew that Lemon’s legacy would live on.

Photo: Facebook/Lemon’s Bucket List

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After Lemon’s passing, Bryanna started LemonAide Rescue to provide help to other rescue pets, particularly the “lemons” and critical cases. But something even more special was about to happen.

Bryanna found out about another recently rescued kitten who appeared to have the same eye infection and development issues that had plagued Lemon. On top of that, she was basically Lemon’s doppelgänger with an identical gray coat. And her name was Lime! It was like it was meant to be!

Lime and her sister were found when they were just three days old and weren’t expected to survive. But they did, and they were soon healed up and ready for their forever homes.

Photo: Facebook/Lemon’s Bucket List
Lemon (left) and Lime (right)

Bryanna immediately knew she needed to adopt Lime, and she drove 10 hours to go pick up the newest addition to her family. She felt like it was fate for Lime to come home with her, but she was also understandably nervous about meeting the tiny cat she had such high hopes for.

“I didn’t want to have any expectations of Lime after Lemon,” she said. “I didn’t want to force any feelings I had previously with Lemon on her.”

But Lime’s delightful personality won her new mom over in a heartbeat the moment they met.

Photo: YouTube/Love Meow and Facebook/Lemon’s Bucket List

“When I held her for the first time, I knew she was a whole separate cat,” said Bryanna. “She is totally different from Lemon and I love her just as much. It felt perfect, as if Lemon just sent her my way.”

Lime has proven herself capable of fitting perfectly into Bryanna’s little family. She uses her other senses to get around the house just fine, and she always comes when she smells (or hears) food. She’s a confident and happy kitty, and she gets along with her two older kitten siblings and the two dogs in the family. In fact, she and rescue dog Letty have become the best of friends and inseparable playmates.

Photo: Facebook/Bryanna Rosario and YouTube/Love Meow

“Lime will cry when I walk Letty; she is constantly seeking her out and is always playing with her,” Bryanna said. “Letty will go straight to Lime when she gets back from her adventures. When Letty has a toy, she’ll try to share it with Lime in this awkward tug of war game. They are truly best friends.”

Check out an adorable video of Lime and Letty below.

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