Baby Chimp Was Rescued After Her Mother Was Taken By Poachers, Then She Met A New Best Friend

This adorable little chimpanzee, named Lemba, was rescued after her mother was taken by poachers.

On top of losing her mom, she also wound up getting sick with polio, a virus that causes paralysis, a few months later. This left her unable to use her arms or walk around like normal.

But workers at her new home at Tchimpounga Sanctuary (run by The Jane Goodall Institute) did everything they could to help her be able to use her arms again. After endless care and physical therapy, Lemba was able to regain the use of her arms!

Although she still can’t use her legs, Lemba doesn’t let that slow her down. She swings around and plays just like any other chimp. She made friends with the other chimps at the sanctuary, and loves to take care of them; especially her chimp best friend, Alex, who she has formed a close bond with.

Tchimpounga Sanctuary takes in injured, sick, malnourished and traumatized chimpanzees, many of which have been orpaned. They give them a safe haven and the love and care they need for a second chance at life. The chimps are able to live out the rest of their lives at the sanctuary.

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