Beekeeper Makes A Functional Beehive Entirely Out Of LEGOs

Beekeeping is something that is very important. Bee populations need to be maintained. So, when people take up bee-keeping it’s always a win for the environment. But one bee-keeper in Ireland outdid himself on the setup that he created for his bees. And to be honest, these bees are clearly living their best life with the super cool hive that he built for them entirely out of LEGOs!

Ruairi O Leochain is a teacher and wildlife activist living out in Athlone in County Westmeath. He wowed the internet after showing off a video on the 14th of May that featured his colorful masterpiece.

Ruairi is also the owner of Athlone’s Wildlife Apiaries. He had originally started making the LEGO hive as a means of keeping entertained during the pandemic while Ireland went into lockdown.

As Ruairi shared, “I had the idea before COVID-19, so when that happened I thought I would order a load of LEGO and see what happens with it. I’ve been making it bit-by-bit over the last eight weeks or so.”

Ruairi didn’t have a plan prior to starting the building, so he just eyeballed the design based on the natural measurements of regular beehives. His own creation is now home to 30,000 bees! And the really interesting part is that there was no need for him to use glue to home the hive together. Apparently, the bees will naturally do that themselves through a process called propolis.

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As Ruairi explained, “What the bees will do, given enough time, is they will propolis the whole thing. Propolis is a kind of glue that the bees get from trees, and with any gaps in a beehive, with any wind or air getting through, they will basically put their glue in between to seal it up.”

Ruairi began his bee-keeping as a means of making honey to sell in order to help fund his volunteer work with wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. He is hopeful that by 2021 his colony will reach 3 million! That would be incredible.

Additionally, he would like to be able to provide beekeeping classes to the public, in order to help educate others. In order to reach that goal, Athlone’s Wildlife Apiaries has set up a GoFundMe page in order to get closer to recognizing that goal.

Watch the video below:

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