The Least & Most Expensive States To Own A Dog In 2023

Inflation is taking a toll on dog owners as prices continue to rise on dog food, vet visits, grooming, and much more. According to a new study by MarketWatch Guides, “the average U.S. dog owner spends about $28,800 on a dog over the pet’s lifetime,” but the total varies depending on where you live.

In 2023, the cost of dog food has increased by an astounding 14.4% and has been on the rise since 2020.

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Since pet service prices vary depending on the size and breed of dog, The MarketWatch Guides research team chose the most popular U.S. dog breed, the Labrador retriever, and 11 metrics to measure the cost of owning a dog in each state.

Check out the least and most expensive places to live with a dog below along with the average lifetime cost.

The 7 Least Expensive States To Own A Dog

  1. Oklahoma: $24,855
  2. Mississippi: $25,104
  3. Indiana: $25,479
  4. Nebraska: $25,662
  5. Louisiana: $25,760
  6. Kansas: $26,140
  7. Iowa: $26,296

Researchers shared, “Oklahomans specifically enjoy lower-than-average costs for vet visits, boarding, grooming and pet supplies.”

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The 7 Most Expensive States To Own A Dog

These states also have the highest cost of living for people, so it makes sense that they are also the most expensive areas to own a dog.

  1. California: $35,452
  2. New York: $34,248
  3. Massachusetts: $33,318
  4. New Jersey: $32,947
  5. Washington: $32,894
  6. Maine: $32,873
  7. Vermont: $32,534

Four states (Alaska, Hawaii, North Dakota and South Dakota) were excluded from the study due to unavailable cost data.

See how the rest of the states ranked here.

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The study also shared that a U.S. dog owner will spend an average of $2,524 each year on recurring pet costs. These costs include food, toys and treats, boarding, grooming, routine vet care, and more.

Some things not factored into the total amounts were training, dog walkers, and pet fees in rented homes.

Dogs give so much and ask for so little in return. Please consider all the expenses of owning a dog before adopting. They are a lifetime commitment, but worth every penny you spend on them.

Remember that money won’t bring you happiness – but a dog will. Head to your local shelter when you are ready to find your best friend. Adopt don’t shop!

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