Learn Spanish and Enjoy Cat Photos at the Same Time

The widespread popularity of cats in Internet videos and memes has been touted as a productivity killer. But there is no doubting the effect a cute cat can have on your day. In fact, adorable feline pictures may be necessary for the betterment of the world. Well, not exactly, but their images can help people pick up a second language.

According to Time magazine, there is a new app in town that uses popular photos from the I Can Has Cheezburger website to teach people Spanish. Simple phrases are combined with an image of the animal acting out the scene. For example, when the phrase "tengo hambre" appears, a picture of a cat next to a sandwich also comes up. The application uses repetition and matching to help users learn.

"By associating the phrase with the cat photo, you store a visual memory to go alongside the sound of the word that helps you remember it, so when the phrase comes to mind, so does the image and all of the positive emotions around it," Ed Cooke, a Grandmaster of Memory, told the source.

I Can Has Cheezburger is a website where people get a daily dose of funny memes of America's favorite cats, dogs and other pets.

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