Family Dog Frantically Barks And Alerts Dad To His Son Drowning

Some dogs are incredibly intuitive and they seem to know how to read the room. They use their puppy dog eyes at the most opportune moments and can sense when someone is sad and needs a lick on the cheek. Anyone who had dogs in their lives is probably familiar with how they pick up on emotions and sense things that humans aren’t able to see.

Sometimes, dogs use their intuitive nature to do more than bust out the puppy dog eyes for a treat. Sometimes, they use it to save lives.

That was the case for a Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Leala. Her owners, David Kenny and his wife, Lisa, had taken a vacation to visit friends near Brisbane, Australia with their two kids, Lanny and Alexander. Naturally, they brought along Leala as well.

Photo: YouTube/Zoo Land
Photo: YouTube/ Zoo Land

The family was enjoying their time inside with their friends when Leala came barging into the house soaking wet and frantically barking.

David knew something was wrong with the way the dog was barking, so he immediately followed her outside.

Leala led him, and a group of friends, to a nearby dam, and David’s heart began to sink.

Photo: YouTube/ Zoo Land

Looking down at the dam, he had every parent’s worst nightmare come true: 2-year-old Alexandar was lifelessly floating face-down in the water.

They were able to pull his body up from the water to the shore and began performing CPR until help arrived. Once the small boy was taken to the hospital, they received grim news. His condition was about as bad as it could be, and his parents should expect the worst.

Photo: YouTube/ Zoo Land

It was unlikely their son would live, and if he did, there wasn’t a big chance that he’d ever be the same again.

However, Alexandar defied all odds. Not only did he survive, but he was the same sweet boy that he was before the accident!

Photo: YouTube/ Zoo Land

Alexander went on to make a full recovery in just a short amount of time. If it hadn’t been for Leala alerting the family to the situation, we can only imagine the severity of the outcome.

Not all heroes wear capes, and Leala goes to show just that.

Photo: YouTube/ Zoo Land

Watch the full story in the video below:

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