Mom Fights Off Attacker Who Was Trying To Steal Her Puppy At The Park

23-year-old Leah Walker was enjoying a walk with her Irish Bullterrier puppy and her 18-month-old baby when she was attacked by a woman who was trying to steal her puppy.

According to the YorkshireLive, the incident happened at the Oakwell Hall Country Park.

The young mom was walking her 12-week-old puppy with her baby in tow when a woman approached them at the Birstall, West Yorkshire park.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Speaking with the YorkshireLive, Leah explained that the woman told her her dog was “nice looking” and she replied, “thank you,” hoping the woman would carry on her way.

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She noted that her puppy brings in a lot of attention when they’re out in public, and it’s understandable why. People love to stop and say hi to dogs, especially adorable puppies!

Photo: Max Pixel

Unfortunately, the woman didn’t carry on her way after commenting on the dog. Instead, she grabbed Walker’s arm and tried to shake the leash free.

Walker used the chain leash to fight off the woman, who scratched her neck and chest before running off.

Walked told the YorkshireLive that she suspected the woman fled after realizing she was willing to put up a fight and wouldn’t let her puppy go easily.


The mom was quite shaken up after the incident and reported the woman to the police as soon as she was safely home.

The dog-napper was described as a woman in her late 20s, around 5’5, with blonde hair and workout clothes on.

Dog-nappings are on the rise and it’s important to be diligent and aware of your surroundings at all times.

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