Get Ready To ROFL! The Most Unique Cat Adoption Story EVER!

My job allows me to see so many funny and entertaining videos. This one definitely takes the cake. In this video short from the CATastrophes web series, a cat travels from France all the way to Chicago to seek his true love, but winds up getting “catfished.” Sacre bleu! Why does love have to be so cruel?

Photo: YouTube/Cat CATastrophes

Luckily, the cat still gets his happy ending with a new family and a forever home. He also finds a new love interest! Adorable!

Photo: YouTube/Cat CATastrophes

With videos like this one, the cat-centric CATastrophes web series aims to not only make people laugh, but also raise awareness regarding animal welfare. Check out their hilarious work below. It will make you laugh out loud for sure!

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