Meet The Laziest Bulldog Named Luca

English Bulldogs are adorable with their wrinkled skin, stocky bodies and sweet personalities. Luca is all of these things – as well as super lazy.

Luca’s good looks and lazy attitude has made him an internet sensation. He has over 66K Instagram followers that can relate to his laid back lifestyle. His mom constantly catches him resting in hilarious positions around the house and posts them for all to enjoy.

Photos: Instagram/lucatheenglishbulldog

When he is not sleeping, mostly off of his dog bed, he entertains himself by tearing apart cardboard boxes. After completing his “chore” of breaking down boxes, he soaks up the sun and people watches on his front porch.

Photos: Instagram/lucatheenglishbulldog

The one thing that does motivate him to move is food. He musters up enough energy to stand on his back legs and sniff out delicious treats. Once he finds somethings he wants he lets his family know with persistent barking.

Photos: Instagram/lucatheenglishbulldog

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Luca brightens the day of his followers. One wrote, “He may be my new spirit animal.” Another said, “He’s got the greatest smoosh-worthy face of all time!”

Photos: Instagram/lucatheenglishbulldog

As if he wasn’t cute enough, he often rests with his tongue sticking out. Follow him on Instagram for a daily dose of cuteness.

Photos: Instagram/lucatheenglishbulldog

See what a day in the life of Luca is like in the video below.

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