Layla’s Rescue Will Teach You All About Strength, Courage And Love

Rescue From The Hart and Eldad (from Hope For Paws, one of our favorite rescues to feature) got a call about an injured homeless poodle. Eldad and his team rushed to the scene. Layla (named later) sat there, utterly scared, badly injured, and confused. After some extensive medical care and a two week stay in the hospital, Layla’s medical condition greatly improved. Her foster parents visited her every day and through their love and affection, Layla’s emotional state also got stronger, and she learned to trust again.

Layla made a full recovery, and seeing her playing and so happy took my breath away. The message at the end of this beautiful Rescue From The Hart  video is what really touched me. Being a foster parent to these animals in need can really change their entire world, just like these precious animals can change our entire world.

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