Nobody Wanted This Shelter Cat, Until He Met A Little Girl Who Needed Him More Than Anything

14-year-old Laura, who resides in Spain, was born with a rare hereditary disorder that affects her neurological and physical development. Her mother, Isa Gonzalez Asensio, wanted to get a pet for her who could serve as her therapeutic companion animal.

After searching around, she wound up adopting an older rescue cat named Lou. The first time Laura and Lou met was extremely heartwarming. Luckily for us, their initial meeting was caught on camera, and it’s sure to put a smile on your face.

Laura held onto Lou, who nuzzled against her, and had a huge smile on her face from ear to ear. The two got along great and it’s very obvious from the video that these two will be the best of friends.

And the best part is that Lou didn’t just change Laura’s life, but they changed his as well. Lou was stuck at Lorca Animal Rescue for a while because he had trouble finding a forever home. They couldn’t understand why such an affectionate cat was being so overlooked.

“Now we understand everything,” Lorca Animal Rescue wrote on Facebook. “He was waiting for little Laura, that is the name of this wonderful angel, and her mom Isa. Thank you, Isa, for opening your heart a little more and giving this opportunity to Lou.”

Watch their adorable first meeting in the video below:

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