Britain’s Loneliest Dog Is Still Looking For Her Forever Home

Imagine spending your entire life in a rescue center. Unfortunately, that is the reality of Bess’s situation. This beautiful, black and white Collie-cross is between 10 and 11-years-old, and she’s spent her entire existence living with a rescue center in Edenbridge, Kent. The staff has referred to her as “probably the most overlooked dog ever.”

It’s so sad because to look at her she is such a cutie. And if you look deep in her eyes, you can totally see the sadness that she doesn’t have a home. That is why this precious girl was recently selected as Last Chance Animal Rescue’s Dog of the Week. The staff is desperate to find this beautiful girl the loving home that she deserves.

Photo: Last Chance Animal Rescue

Understandably, given her long life without an owner, Bess has certain trust issues she needs to overcome in her own time. However, when she does begin to trust you, staff say she is “affectionate and loves to be petted.”

As the Last Chance Animal Rescue explain on their website, “When Bess trusts you she is affectionate and loves to be petted, but very much on her own terms. Bess would need a very understanding and devoted home with someone who is happy to leave her to adjust to her new home life after so many years in kennels.”

They added, “All Bess would love is a nice soft comfy bed and short walks throughout the day. She is house trained and not destructive. She would make an interesting pet and if you have patience she could become a loving addition to your home.”

Photo: Last Chance Animal Rescue

Even though at her core, Bess is a sweet dog, staff do warn that until she properly adjusts to her new home, she will have to be handled with care.

But, there isn’t anything about Bess that a little treat or two won’t eventually fix.

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As the website revealed, “She is very stubborn and if she doesn’t want to do something she won’t do it. This is how she has become very clever in conning staff to give her treats.

If you think Bess would be a wonderful addition to your home, you can either call 01732 865520 or go to the website to fill in their contact form.

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