This Video Proves Larry The Cat Is Still London’s Chief Mouser

In the media blitz following Prince Harry’s wedding, when Meghan Markle’s rescue beagle, Guy, was caught catching a lift with the Queen, many people forgot about England’s first famous rescue. (No, we’re not talking about the Queen’s corgis, because we’re pretty sure they’re full-bred).

Finally, 10 Downing Street’s Chief Mouser, Larry, is back in the news, this time for displaying the most British of trademarks — impeccable manners.

Photo: Twitter/BBC Politics

Unfortunately, not all recent coverage has been kind. Larry’s reputation suffered a major blow last year, when the government called in professional pest services, leading to rumors the cat’s mousing abilities had slipped, as well as an unfortunate new nickname: Lazy Larry.

This time, a BBC crew caught the roughly 12-year-old cat patiently waiting to be let inside, despite blustery weather and rain. Not once did Larry, who was brought on in 2011 to rid the Prime Minister’s residence of mice, even raise his voice to a meow.

Instead, the cat calmly managed to get the attention of a nearby police officer. After locking eyes in a moment of understanding, the officer walked over to the Prime Minister’s residence and — also very politely — knocked on the door. Once it was opened, Larry nonchalantly slipped inside.

Photo: Twitter/BBC Politics

We’re glad to see Larry’s manners are as exquisite as ever, even if he’s no longer so great at his day job. Regardless, he’s still the most popular member of Parliament!

Watch Larry’s very English encounter below!

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