Animals In Virtual World Taunt Adorable Dog

Yea, you may think you’re safe stuck in that laptop screen, but you haven’t met this determined dog! He’s going to find you, and he’s going to catch you. But for now, I guess you can buy some time all cozy in your virtual world. LOL!! Just look at this dog’s adorable face wrinkles. AWWWW! His expression is pawfect, just like he is!

Do you have a pet that does something like this? My cat loves looking out her favorite window and talking to the wildlife. She can chirp at the birds for hours!

If you love animals and I’m guessing you do, then you will fall head over heels for Boogie Shoes! This utterly adorable 2 pound Chihuahua suffers from a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia, a condition where the cerebellum is undeveloped. He may look a little funny but his humans think he’s PERFECT! And so do I!

Boogie Shoes had a rough beginning but now he’s with a family that adores him AND advocates for pets with special needs. YAY! Click here to meet Boogie Shoes!

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