Lambs Adopt 50 Pound Rabbit After She’s Rejected By Other Rabbits

Life can be difficult when you are a giant continental rabbit. Even though you might be the largest rabbit around, there can be problems sometimes making friends with the other bunnies.

This was the experience of a 50-pound giant continental rabbit who lived at the Auchingarrich Wildlife Centre in Scotland. The other rabbits didn’t want much to do with this giant bunny, but she found friends in some rejected lambs.

Photo: YouTube/Love Nature

Lambs are sometimes rejected by their mothers because the sheep are not making enough milk, or they may not be able to latch on properly. In any case, the lambs are going to have a difficult time staying warm and finding the food they need to survive.

Thankfully, the zookeepers at the center had an idea. They made special sweaters so the lambs could keep warm during the winter. They also made sure they were being fed milk five times daily.

Still, the lambs needed some affection, and that is where Millie, the giant rabbit comes in. According to Love Nature, Millie was also rejected, but she was rejected by other rabbits. She was just too big to be their friend.

Photo: YouTube/Love Nature

After spending a lot of time alone, she was experiencing a lot of stress and needed some companionship. That is when they decided to let Millie out of her area, and she rushed over to see the lambs.

They sniffed at each other for just a moment, and before long, they were running around and playing together. According to Love Nature, the zookeepers were calling it “unconditional love at first sight.”

Since that first meeting, they have spent all of their time together. Milly gets the friendship she needs, and the lambs are obsessed with her. They all get some good exercise at the same time.

Photo: YouTube/Love Nature

During the day, you can find Millie out with the lambs in the sun, resting in a grassy field. The friendship they have formed with each other works in both directions.

You can see more in this video:

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