After Falling Into Icy Lake Michigan, Bailey Had Little Chance At Survival. Luckily, The Coast Guard Was There To Save The Day!

There are a myriad of reasons why winter weather is dangerous. With New England and the Midwest buffeted by major snow storms and freezing weather, people are forced to stay inside and avoid travel. The same threats apply to our beloved pets. Bailey, a golden Labrador, escaped her family and ended up jumping into a semi-frozen Lake Michigan. Luckily for Bailey, she jumped in right next to some Coast Guard members, who immediately ran to the dogs rescue.

The rescue took 20 minutes, precious time in which hypothermia could have set in, but the brave crew was able to pull Bailey out and get her to a local animal shelter, where she received treatment and was returned to her family. A heroic story that highlights just how important it is to make sure our animals are safe during difficult weather.

Take a look at this brave and selfless rescue!

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And, just to make this story even more beautiful, Bailey has been reunited with her mom!


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