Adorable Lakeland Terrier Chases Water Spray During Car Wash

Do you remember going through the car wash as a kid? I do, and it was a little bit scary. The water spraying streams down the windows and the large spinning devices that scrub dirt off turned a cleaning experience into a whole adventure from the inside looking out.

The water streams, themselves, were rather interesting to watch drip down the windows, and Bertie thinks so, too!

Bertie is an adorable Lakeland Terrier who lives in the Cheltenham Township of Pennsylvania.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The sweet dog has his very own Twitter account where his owner shares adventures and updates on Bertie’s life. In Bertie’s bio, they wrote, “I love everybody and I try everyday to be a good boy but it doesn’t always quite work out!”

He’s clearly quite loved and as a special birthday treat, Bertie’s owner gave him a ride in “the dog car,” for the first time in 10 months!

Photo: Twitter/bertie_lakeland

Before getting started, they needed to give the car a wash, and the wash was done with Bertie inside.

While some animals might be indifferent to the car being sprayed with water, Bertie took it as a challenge and tried to eat the water!

Photo: Twitter/bertie_lakeland

He hopped around the entire car, chasing the stream of water that was impossible to catch.

Watch the hilarious moment below:

You can see more of Bertie on Twitter, @bertie_lakeland.

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