Labrador Dad Teaches His Puppies How To Swim

One of the best parts of being a parent is teaching your little one new things. Everything is so new, which makes everything a learning experience.

As it turns out, this excitement of teaching our babies new things isn’t reserved for humans, but animals have it too! While every species is different, many animals work with their babies to teach them new things and guide them through the first stage of development in life.

It’s not just moms who get to experience the joy of teaching their babies something new, dads can too! One labrador dad did just that when he took on the task of teaching his puppies to swim, and it was too cute.

Photo: Pexels/Chevanon Photography

In a video shared by panzertoo, you can see “Dad” running into the water with a group of puppies behind him.

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Some of the puppies immediately follow him in, but others need a little more encouragement. He’s one patient dog, helping all of his puppies into the water and getting them comfortable.

Photo: YouTube/panzertoo

After they play around in the water for a while, they take a break and get out.

The dad dog leads his adorable pups on a fun walk and they play around in the grass. He even plays with them, initiating a small game of tag.


Eventually, they had back to the pond for a second swim.

Watch the video below:

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