Labrador Retriever Becomes ‘Mom’ To Orphaned Kittens

If you’ve ever had a labrador in your life, you realize that they are special animals.

Of course, you don’t have to have such a wonderful dog as part of your family to understand that fact, especially when you look at what Bertie was able to do.

As a rescue dog, the one-year-old pup did more than anyone could ever hope she would do.

Photo: flickr/Golden Retriever – Labrador

It all started when an animal rescue charity in the UK, Battersea, discovered that one of their rescue dogs was caring for seven abandoned kittens and it took no prompting for her to do so.

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That rescue organization took in those two-week-old kittens after they were found along the side of the road abandoned.

Photo: flickr/hehaden

They were healthy, but they were also hungry. That is where Bertie came in. She started to look after the kittens and to care for them as only a mother could.

The dog’s owner, Rachel, works as a nurse at the rescue charity. In a press release, she said that she would take care of the kittens while they were looking for a home where they could live the rest of their lives. The organization shared a photo of sweet Bertie with one of the kittens and it’s too precious.

Although Rachel admits that the kittens are a “handful,” it was all worth it when they eventually moved back to the shelter and were given forever homes with new families.

Dogs can be too kind. What do you think of Bertie and her “babies”? Let us know!

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