Puppy Rushes Over To Join Siblings In An Adorable ‘Cuddle Puddle’

There is something about watching a dog frolic with all of its pals that makes our hearts swell with joy. In a world where it can feel like we are stuck in front of a fire hose that feeds us nothing but bad news, it is important to take in stories like this one.

This is the story of a puppy and its siblings (and the amazing bond that all of them share).

Have you ever heard of the concept of a “cuddle puddle”? If this is something new to you, don’t worry, it will all make sense very soon.

Photo: flickr/simonpbriggs1975

This puppy saw its siblings in the cuddle puddle and knew that they had to act immediately. This is not an opportunity that is going to present itself to you on a regular basis.

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This clip, which was recorded in the summer in Devon, England, is just too stinking cute. You may need to set aside a block of time to watch it repeatedly. Do not say that we did not warn you about this.

Photo: YouTube/ViralHog

The videographer shared with Viralhog:

“In the last month, my friend’s dog had 8 golden Labrador puppies. They love to snuggle and cuddle and it’s important for all of them that nobody gets left out. That is why this video is almost too cute as the last puppy in the cuddle-pack makes sure to get right in on top of his brothers and sisters. This resulted in the most adorable pile of furry friends!”

Photo: YouTube/ViralHog

Clips like this one are like a needle in a haystack. It’s not every day that you get to watch a group of puppies enjoy each other’s company like this. Watch the sweet video below:

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