Rescued Husky And Victim Of Abuse Find Vivid New Passion For Life

When Amanda Tromp looks into her dog’s eyes, she truly believes in the love staring back. It’s a feeling she’s trusted since first meeting Kyro, short for “Kyrös,” the blue eyed dragon, and keeper of space and time featured heavily in the stories Tromp was told by her Grandfather.

The name means “bringer of opportunities,” but to Tromp, Kyro is much more than that. The Siberian Husky has proven to be Tromp’s best friend and loyal defender, traits her ex-boyfriend never possessed.

Now 23, Tromp met her previous partner in high school, just under five years ago.

“He was charming and sweet,” Tromp told WSB-TV Atlanta. “His sweet talk drew my attention to him and after chatting we ended up dating.”

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But the sweet talk was just that, and Tromp’s ex-boyfriend became more controlling and interrogative as time went on. His constant questioning of where she was, and who she was with, grew to the point of emotional abuse.

“He would insult me anytime he was upset, or jealous,” Tromp said. “Calling me fat, ugly, stupid and a variety of profanities I am uncomfortable sharing here.”

She was cut off from family support, left alone and feeling helpless when hope appeared online. Following up on an ad placed by a woman with a new litter of Siberian Husky Puppies, Tromp thought a new furry friend might help her make it through.

That furry friend, of course, would be Kyro, the pudgiest pup of the bunch.

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Tromp brought Kyro home to begin a new chapter in life, but it wouldn’t be long before her past would catch up to her. Growing increasingly unhinged, Tromp’s ex turned his anger toward the dog, a violation the woman just couldn’t abide. Tromp and Kyro had grown close, and there was nothing that would separate them.

“A fire I hadn’t felt in a year exploded inside of me and I left,” Tromp said.

The pair are making the most of their new lives together by sharing their photography under the moniker “Goldilocks and the Wolf,” a nickname Tromp’s mother lent them when Kyro was first picked out. Their Instagram account, with just under 650 posts, already has 400 times as many followers.

Look toward the future, but acknowledge the past. #TheFutureIsBright Goldilockѕ αиd τhe ωolf ρhoτogrαρhγ

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Tromp’s new passion in life is putting a story behind the vivid images she captures with Kyro. Her recovery from abuse and pain, with the help of an adorable Husky, is an inspiration to hundreds of thousands who may still be suffering.

“You aren’t a coward for not being able to leave,” Tromp writes. “You are a victim in something that society does not understand and turns a blind eye to because they don’t want to accept it as a problem.”

Her message to those yet locked in abusive relationships is clear.

“Don’t forget that you aren’t alone,” she said. “That there are others out there that have been through, or are going through what you are. Don’t give up hope. Hope is an incredible thing and can move mountains.”

The Animal Rescue Site wishes the best to Tromp and Kyro. Their story touches on a deeper issue that many are hoping to remedy with new legislation. Click the button below to help victims of abuse and their pets find safety and comfort.

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