Dog Loves Getting Blow-Dried At His Grooming Appointment

When Kuma, a 5-year-old American Akita, walks into Perfect Pooches Dog Grooming in Ontario Canada, his expression is stoic and fixed.

The 120lb dog goes regularly to keep his allergies and dry skin in check, and groomer Vanessa, who runs the YouTube channel “Girl With The Dogs,” is perfectly happy to take care of it for him!

Documenting his routine, Vanessa notes that American Akitas are “incredibly powerful and known for their aggression,” but she’s not worried about Kuma.

Photo: Max Pixel

In spite of his somber stare, she knows he’s getting exactly what he wants and needs, and that he wouldn’t dream of getting in the way of her work.

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His favorite part comes last. After he’s been bathed, towel-dried, sprayed down with quick-dry spray, and had his coat groomed with a slicker brush, then comes his “love affair!”


A snug wrap placed over his ears to protect against the noise, Kuma awaits the relief of the blow drier, and when it comes, his demeanor changes completely!

Eyes closed, head tilted back blissfully, Kuma lets Vanessa get to work blow-drying his illustrious coat.

He occasionally raises a back paw in a scratching motion when he’s really into it.


“And now this big, scary dog is ready to take a nap,” Vanessa narrates as the grooming appointment comes to a close.

A quick de-shedding, undercoat rake, and nail clip, as well as a paw pad shave and hydrating oil for his coat rounds off his trip to Perfect Pooches.

Akita owners won’t be surprised at the routine — the breed are notorious shedders, something Kuma’s family has shared on their Instagram:

When it’s all said and done, “Killer” Kuma looks handsome and happy — or at least a little less grumpy.

His appointment completed, he’s headed back home to his family — Yumi, Moo, Hachi, Blackbear, Kuma Jr., and Pepe.

See more photos of Kuma and his clan at their Instagram or TikTok, and watch Kuma’s routine courtesy of the Girl With The Dogs YouTube channel below!

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