If You Like To Spoil Your Pets Then You’ll LOVE This Video!

This video is absolutely perfect for all animal lovers! Do you like to spoil your pets? Do you consider your pets to be more like your own children? YUP! Me too! In fact, I read an article the other day poking fun at people who refer to their pets as their children. I GOT REALLY ANGRY! How dare anyone judge us for loving our animals that much!

Kopi’s humans totally get it. When they go on a trip, it’s routine to bring her back something special. And I think this kind of thing is pawsome!

Sure, people can laugh all they want at how we treat our pets (Yup, just had a birthday party for my dog, Skyler. We had to celebrate her turning 2 with half the neighborhood and TONS of presents). The way we talk to them like they are one of our own children. Oh, and don’t mess with them, cause WOW…You so know what I mean! We will protect them to no end!

So, when Kopi’s human comes back from a trip to Colorado, she totally knows the drill and is ready to receive her special souvenir (and it really is one of the cutest things ever!)

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