Wait ‘Til You See What Rescuers Gave To This Orphan Baby Koala So He Wouldn’t Feel So Alone

Just imagine how scary it must have been for a tiny koala that was left all alone. Thankfully, this little one was rescued swiftly after a tragic car accident left him without his mother.


Being alone, for this little one, wasn’t just frightening, it was heartbreaking to everybody. So, his rescuers had a genius idea! They gave him something to try to comfort him and it worked paw-fectly!

A stuffed koala plushy was just the thing this baby needed to cling to. While it, of course, is no substitute for his mother, it is doing a wonderful job at comforting this little fella.


Human contact will remain at a minimum at the rescue center so this little miracle can be released back into the wild.

A bit about koalas:

Although we refer to them often as “koala bears,” koalas are marsupials and not bears at all.

Female koalas have pouches where house their young until fully developed.

Koalas have very unique paws that make climbing trees a piece of cake!

While eucalyptus leaves are generally poisonous to other animals, koalas have an acid in their stomach that helps break down the poison.

Koalas eat very few calories. To conserve their energy, they sleep up to 20 hours a day.

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