Unique Koala, Trapped On The Side Of The Road, Is Rescued. YAY!

Animals need our help from time to time and NOTHING makes me happier than seeing an animal saved from what could’ve been something truly tragic. Meet Bowie! An adorable koala from “down under” was trapped on the side of the road. Luckily, she was rescued in time and is now doing great.

Bowie got her name from a musician with a unique eye condition. Bowie, the koala, actually has heterochromia. This condition means that each eye is truly a different color. David Bowie, however, has something totally different but it appears his eyes are a different color (like Bowie the koala). David Bowie was in a fight early on in life and his pupil was injured. It is now permanently dilated, making his blue eyes look like two different colors. Pretty interesting stuff.

Koala fun fact: Koalas do not drink much water. They get their water source from the leaves that they eat on trees.

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