Puppy Bowl XIII Action Scores Adorable Extra Points With Kitty Halftime Show

There’s a football game scheduled the first Sunday in February, and if it’s marked on your calendar, we likely know why.

Millions of face painted, foam-finger wearing, snack food sampling humans will be tuned in to see teams Ruff and Fluff go snout to snout in this year’s Puppy Bowl, but it’s the Bissell Kitty Halftime Show that gets us all purring.

The true winners of the Puppy Bowl are always the participants themselves, finally adopted out to caring forever families. And this year marks an even greater achievement for the furry footballers, as three special players have disabilities.

Even though their air time is mere minutes between halves of the Puppy Bowl, the Kitty Halftime Show is a spectacle of meow-numental proportions. Signaled by a scratching post, emerging from the yellow and green sidelines of Animal Planet Stadium, the 30-minute exposition features a colorful cavalcade of kittens chasing toys, darting toward laser dots, crawling in and out of caves, and otherwise enjoying themselves.

Just like the Puppy Bowl, the purr-ticipants of the Kitty Halftime Show are both adorable and adoptable.

Watch the cute kitty action from Puppy Bowl VI below:

Year after year, the Puppy Bowl and Kitty Halftime Show highlight the importance of finding stable forever homes for the plucky participants. But perhaps even more important, as far as the animals are concerned, is finding a good meal.

Food is one of the most vital needs that all shelters and rescues have. No matter how dedicated the volunteers, no matter how great the veterinary care, food remains the most important item. It is also the most expensive and difficult to acquire. Most shelters depend on the generosity of their communities, but often that isn’t enough to meet their needs.

According to the National Retail Federation, Super Bowl viewers this year will spend an estimated $77 per person on food, beverages and other items. For Shelter Bowl, a $77 donation will provide 1,540 meals to shelter pets in need!

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