Kitty Cam: A Peek Into Your Cat’s Life

FK_CatCam_325x400We care about our pets as much as we care about our kids. So just like missing your child’s first steps as being unthinkable, missing out on your pet’s crazy antics can be an even more absurd thought.

Enter the Kitty Cam, a small camera that attaches to your feline friend’s collar to giving you the perspective from a cat’s point of view while examining the nature of outdoor activities as experienced by your cat. The Kitty Cam is a lightweight, waterproof, camera with LED lights to record your cat’s life even at night.

The National Geographic and University of Georgia Kitty Cams Project was created to answer a number of “controversial questions about cat behavior and their interactions with the environment.” Measuring cat predation on wildlife and quantified common factors threatening the health of free-roaming cats, the images and video footage have become an educational tool to help inform both researchers and cat lovers about the welfare of their furry friends.

A similar gadget that gives us a peek into our cat’s lives is the EyeNimal cat videocam. Like the Kitty Cam, creators of EyeNimal want to give cat owners a “living adventure” with a camera small enough to fit on their feline’s collar.

So strap on that kitty camera and get ready to watch a feline adventure through the eyes of your cat!


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