Kittens In Containers Make It Impossible To Contain Your “AWWWW!”

So here’s the thing… Kittens are my kryptonite. There, I said it! I can pretty much handle most of the cute things out there but when I come across cute fluffy kittens, I just lose it. I go from a serious, functioning adult, to a total puddle of mush. If you have no idea what I’m talking about then you may find it a little strange. If you want to break me, then just shove a video like this in front of my face and POW! I’m broken and transformed into a human version of “Awwww!”

Here is a video featuring tiny containers of kittens. It’s simple yet simply adorable! It turned my serious face into a giant smiley face. Pretty incredible actually.

Source:  Love Meow
Source: Love Meow

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In the meantime, watch the cute kitten action below!

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