8 Reasons Why Pit Bulls And Kittens Truly Belong Together!

Pit bulls and kittens are a lethal combo: they may seriously kill you with cuteness. When the two are combined,  all sorts of terrible things can happen.  We have the perfect countdown of videos displaying all kinds of unforgivable behavior.

Warning: The videos below may simulate the emotional effect of sticks of dynamite packed with “AWWWW.”  We strongly suggest you endure the pain.

kittypittiee even have a losing side when something THIS PERFECT is occurring? And who will you root for? UGH, the uncertainty of it all!!! LOL!

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6. Obsessive Kissing

After the battle is either won, lost, or tied, it is definitely possible that either party may resort to making up with sloppy, wet kisses. Considering the size difference, this “behavior” may be construed as harmful: we have all been victim to killer kisses!

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