Kitten Challenges His Reflection To An Epic Battle

Try imagining what it’s like to have never seen your reflection. It’s impossible!

Luckily, we get to experience it through our wonderful and adorable pets.

There is something about watching them have a new experience is just too much fun! If you haven’t seen an animal walk in front of a mirror for the first time, it’s something you really have to fix. So take a look at the perfect remedy!

Source: Rumble/Walrusgirl
Source: Rumble/Walrusgirl

This little one has discovered himself in the mirror and has no idea what to think of it. You gotta love that dance kittens do when they are excited, and with this guy, we get to see it double time! Do you think there’s a clear winner in this epic battle?

Yup, WE ARE! We get to witness this and replay it as many times as we’d like!

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