We Think We Found Your Morning Pick-Me-Up! Meet The Kitty Choir!

Everyone loves a choir concert. Whether it’s your children, a Christmas concert, or any one of the singing shows on TV, we all get a kick out of a great concert. Instead of human singers, try to imagine what it would be like to have a choir of animals! Cute doesn’t begin to describe it! Don’t believe me? Well, here’s some proof!

Is there anything more entertaining than 5 kittens moving in sync? Ok, maybe there is, but still…look at those faces! And those furry little bodies! You can tell how much they are loving it, and I never want them to stop, and here’s hoping they never do! I think this should be a regular concert, and they should take it on tour! I’m in kitty-heaven and I never want to leave! Check out the little one on the end with the folded ears. OMG, why isn’t she mine?!

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