What Happens When A Tiny Blind Kitten Meets Her New Turtle Sibling? A WHOLE LOT OF AWWWW’S!!!

Being a kitten isn’t easy. You’re brand new to the world and your surroundings can be overwhelming. Imagine all that and then being blind too… WHOA! That’s a whole lot to adjust to. BUT, having a sibling makes that transition a whole lot easier.

This kitten has found her BFF for life in this adorable and loyal turtle. They aren’t just a cute duo, they are cute and super special. I wonder how many adventures they will go on together! With these two around, every single day is a photo op 🙂

We are so happy that this kitten was adopted but that isn’t the case for MANY others like her. In the United States, cats have a really tough time. Of the 3.4 million who wind up in shelters each year, only 37% are adopted, according to the ASPCA. And although they’re cute and we love each and every one, it’s a tragedy that more kittens are born every day who will not have the opportunity to become beloved pets. The overpopulation problem is real, but you can help stop it.

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