Kitten Won’t Let Tail Being Cut Off Stop Her From Living Happy, Healthy Life

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Evie is a 3-month-old grey kitten who came to Oconee Humane Society in Seneca, South Carolina with her tail partially cut off and de-gloved so that only her muscle was showing. Her tail was very raw, painful and prone to multiple infections if left untreated.


Although she had this horrific injury, she was still a lively, happy and energetic little girl with a lot of life ahead of her. However, she was starting to lose her appetite and playfulness, even though she tried to keep up her energy. A local vet strongly recommended that her tail be removed to eliminate pain, medical complications and increase her chances for adoption.

With the help of a Save a Life grant, her tail was amputated and she made a complete recovery in her temporary foster home. The lack of a tail didn’t slow her down as she rolled and tumbled around with six other foster kittens. She purred constantly when held and cuddled. She is no longer in pain and her energy and inquisitiveness are even higher.

She left South Carolina on a journey to New York when she was adopted by one of the shelter’s rescue partners. She is now living a full life in a loving home in New York! Cheers to a happy life, Evie!


Story submitted by Christine Piper.

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