Tiny Cat Stands Patiently While His Spot Gets Cleaned!

How cute is this little kitty?!? He stands patiently while his human cleans his favorite snoozing spot.

Look at those darling eyes! He’s looking a little like Puss ‘n’ Boots, just before he attacks.

I keep watching this over and over because he’s so cute — and the video is so short.

This has to be the most patient cat in the history of the world, because the way he waits for his spot to be cleaned is just amazing!

Side note – we have a kitty in the office (which is totally awesome, BTW) that absolutely LOVES the lint roller. A couple rubs on his tummy and he’s in kitty heaven! Most kitties like the brush, but this one can’t get enough of the lint roller. He even knows the sound of the drawer opening so he’ll come running across the office for a rub down. He’s the best!!

Do you have a cat that has an obviously favorite toy?

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