Animal Shelters Struggle To Care For Massive Influx of Kittens During “Kitten Season”

The changing of seasons is something most people look forward to – especially spring and summer. However, animal shelters experience a different season as the days start to get longer.

Starting in April, animal shelters start to see a large influx of kittens and expectant moms in what is called “Kitten Season”.

Photo: Berkeley Humane

While the phrase “Kitten Season” sounds like something out of a dream, it is actually a very stressful time for shelters who are already overcrowded due to a decrease in adopters.

Photo: Friends of Metro Animal Shelters

President and CEO of Central Oklahoma Humane Society, Dana McCrory, told Best Friends Animal Society that there have been days where nearly 100 kittens arrive in need of help.

Photo: American Humane

Sick and orphaned kittens start to flood animal shelters starting late spring and continue to arrive through October. Saving theses little felines requires around-the-clock care and lots of supplies.

Photo: Team Okanogan Animal Rescue

Save A Stray Rescue in New York is currently caring for dozens of kittens and put out a plea for food donations. They wrote, “We have approx 30 kittens in the rescue. They eat approx 2.5 cases of food a day! That’s $50 a day being spent just for wet food! It is expensive to rescue dying kittens off the street!”

The season has only begun, and shelters are in desperate need of formula, bottles, wet cat food, foster homes, volunteers, and much more.

That’s where you can help.

Photo: Maui Humane Society

The Animal Rescue Site and Greater Good Charities are lending a helping hand to shelters nationwide by providing formula, medical supplies, and much more.

A newborn kitten named Cody survived thanks to your donations that helped Cat House McPherson give him the care he needed.

Photo: Cat House McPherson

The two-day-old kitten was found alone on a porch and rushed to the shelter. They told us, “Right away we put him on a heating disc and warmed him up. Thankfully for the KMR and bottles we received from our grant we were able to get him set up for success. A few days later we had a pregnant mama in our care gave birth to 4 little ones. We decided to see if she would be willing to take in Cody. She took Cody in without a second thought. It’s been 30 days now and he’s doing great, walking and climbing.”

Photo: Maui Humane Society

Donate now to help care for more kittens and give them a second chance to grow big and strong.

More Ways To Help

  • Consider becoming a foster parent to a litter of kittens.
  • Volunteering at your local shelter to help them during this hectic time.
  • Spay and neuter your pets!
  • Adopt. Over a million cats are euthanized every year due in part to lack of adopters.

What To Do If You Find A Kitten

Cat House McPherson shared helpful information by Hannah Shaw, the Kitten Lady, on what to do if you find a kitten. Check out the information below and be sure to share it with your friends.

Help Rescue Animals

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