Woman Finds Abandoned Kitten On The Street And Nurses It Back To Health

Imagine what you would do if you were walking along and found a tiny kitten on the street out in the rain. What would you do? When Reddit user Klaanigan’s mom found a newborn kitten in the rain, things were desperate. Klaanigan documented the saga to save the tiny feline. The little creature was found out in the rain, lying all alone – completely helpless. The poor little dear couldn’t even open her eyes yet!

Worried about the kitten’s survival, Klaanigan’s mother got her out of the rain and dried her off in the only thing she had on her, which happened to be a paper bag. The pair rushed home to get the kitten to safety. Once at home, they got the kitten into a warm environment and dried her off. They also fed the little baby a nice bottle as well.

Klaanigan and their family ended up naming the little baby Iris. And she pulled through, proving that she was a fighter. Thankfully, the story had a happy ending, as the family gave sweet little Iris a second chance – something all animals deserve.

Check out the pictures of Iris’s rescue below:

Photo: Reddit /u/Klaanigan

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