Tiny Kitten Rescued From The Middle Of A Busy Road

The major consensus is that cats have nine lives, and one small little kitten proved that this is the case after a very lucky break.

The pint-sized feline was found straying in the middle of the road as traffic rushed by.

It could have easily spelled disaster for the tiny kitten, but fortunately, someone stopped to help. A man noticed the little cat in the road and slowed down before getting out of his car.

Photo: ViralHog

He slowly approached the kitten, afraid to make any sudden movements that might scare the kitten and cause it to jump into harm’s way.

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Luckily, his patience paid off as he was able to grab the kitten when an opportunity presented itself.

Photo: ViralHog

As the man recalled, “I saw this kitten in the middle of the road so I slowed down to block traffic and then got out and grabbed it when I got the chance.”

This kitten definitely has his lucky stars to thank that the man was able to rescue him before he potentially got hit by a car.

Photo: ViralHog

We can only assume the kitten has eight lives left so hopefully he won’t find himself in any more dangerous situations.

Watch the amazing rescue below:

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