Against All Recommendations, They Let Their New Kitten Near A Pit Bull.


I remember when I was 7 years old and my little brother was born. As an only child, I was so excited to finally have a sibling to spend time with. All I wanted to do was hold him and give him his bottle. While some siblings get jealous when a new one arrives, others are beyond happy.

The latter seems like the case for this pit bull. Her family brought home a new tiny kitten and introduced the two of them together. By the looks of it, they get along great! The pit bull is so gentle with the curious kitty, and just lays there while the cat plays with her feet. Eventually the dog leans in to give the kitten plenty of kisses. She is so loveable! The kitten enjoys the affection and the two of them are face-to-face. Watch for yourself in the video below:

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