They Often Call Her Kitten Lady, They ALWAYS Call Her A Hero

According to Kitten Lady’s Facebook page: “Founded by animal advocate Hannah Shaw, Kitten Lady is a rescue and advocacy project with a mission to protect kittens through public education, program development, and individual rescue. Kitten Lady provides resources on the care and protection of cats and kittens, consulting services to shelters and rescue groups, and educational trainings all over the world.” But what it doesn’t say is that Hannah Shaw is literally trying to change the world one kitten at a time.

According to her webpage: “Kittens under 8 weeks old are one of the most euthanized populations in the United States, being killed by the hundreds of thousands every year.” Do you know why? Local shelters do not have the resources to care for kittens that are this young. And to save costs and prevent an inevitability, young kittens are put down. Kitten Lady is trying to change that. Well as much of it as she possibly can, through education and resources.

The first line of defense is to always, I mean ALWAYS to spay or neuter your cat. This is a given. Small kittens don’t do well in shelter settings. Besides draining resources, they do not do well in cages, isolated from constant human contact. Plus, they need around the clock care when they are really young. Kittens this young need specialized foster homes to thrive and since homes like this are limited, the reality is a sad one.

When talking about a tiny kitten she recently helped, she says, “I come into a situation like that and I just pour myself into it, trying to save this life.” And she does, she puts her all into every tiny life. And for that, she’s a big hero. A REALLY BIG HERO!

Hannah Shaw says, “I save the tiniest, most vulnerable kittens and I teach other people how to save their lives.” For her, every tiny life is a big deal. That’s why she’s a big deal to us.

To learn more about the Kitten Lady, check out her YouTube Channel, Facebook Page, and website 🙂

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